AZ Pool Kings Story

Hi there, my name is Scott Hamley. After many, many years of working for one of the nation's biggest pool companies, I woke up. I realized that all of Arizona needed a dedicated pool business that was focused on providing a world class swimming pool maintance and repair service, but with a more friendly touch. Keeping this in mind, I started the AZ Pool Kings, and we've grown to be one of the most sought after services in the state.

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Our Pool Services

From our weekly chemical service, to our pum/filter repair, plaster repair and remodel, tile cleaning, to replacements for your ool. AZ Pool Kings are here to help you with all of your pool service and maintenance needs with our reliable, friendly, and honest workers. Our service area covers the entire Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. Our services, repairs, and remodels are offered all through the valley!

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Client Testimonials

Everyone who works with us goes through proper training to both help in keeping your swimming pool beautifully clean, but also to do so while being pleasant and friendly. We are so proud of all of our wonderful employees, and our customers have decided to recognize their amazing work by leaving us some fantastic testimonials about their experiences with AZ Pool Kings. We're absolutely humbled and overjoyed by their words!

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The Best Pool Service in all of Arizona

AZ Pool Kings is a company that is both locally operated and locally owned. We provide a complete swimming pool service package, and we also do a lot of repairs and remodels. We handle all of your pool cleaning and repair needs. No longer do you need to worry about the handling of a bunch of dangerous chemicals that you don't fully comprehend, our expertly trained and certified technicians will check your chemical levels weekly and make sure your pool is running in tip top shape!

Not only do we do the regularly check-ups, though, but we also clean the pool deck and tile, do plaster repairs on your pool and remodels. We fix and repair pumps, and make sure your filters are cleaned and replaced regularly. We do all this and more to keep our clients as happy as they can be. We're here to make sure that every single one of your pool maintenance and service needs is met with a trustworthy service.

The AZ Pool Kings are the top option when it comes to choosing a pool cleaner for your amazing swimming pool in Arizona. We're very proud of the work that we do and take great efforts to be professional and kind, and to get the job done right the first time around so that your entire experience is as pleasant as it can be. Over the years we've learned quite a bit through our hands on training, and all of our technicians have fully mastered the talents required to be the best full service pool company in the state. In the event that something bad happens to your swimming pool we're fully capable of figuring out what the issue is, which will give you the assurance of knowing that your pool is always going to be in the best shape it can possible be in.

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