From our weekly pool service, to tile cleaning, plaster repair/replaster, remodels, pump replacements, and filter repair, we do it all. AZ Pool Kings truly does provide a full service when it comes to any and all pools.

AZ Pool Kings Provides Numerous Services

We provide a wide selection of professional pool services throughout the entire Phoenix Metro area. AZ Pool Kings’ technicians love working with our clients and would like to make life simpler for them. These services are comprised of:

Weekly Services

A weekly pool service with AZ Pool Kings begins with us removing any debris that may have collected, as well as a visual inspection of the water for clearness, color and observable contaminants. Once this is complete we do essential tasks such as analyzing the PH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. Your AZ Pool Kings tech will check the water level to ensure that it is not too low for the pump to work accurately, and he’ll assess backwash and filter pressure when required. If essential, the tile is cleaned by us in the water line and we’ll add algaecide as needed. We would like to maintain your pool so that it is as clean as though it were our own.

Pool Inpsections

AZ Pool Kings performs whole reviews of hot tubs and pools and all the associated gear to make sure that your pool will work at its finest. Obtaining a pool review such as this can help you save cash later on by catching possible issues early. This will help by assessing the pool to be certain that every area is free of fractures and other potential dangers. We also make certain that drains, heaters, filters, and the pumps all are functioning correctly.

Green Pool Cleaning

Arizona PoolNo one desires to truly have a pool that is green, nor do they want to clean it up themselves, but we can help. Here at AZ Pool Kings we take this quite seriously because it could be a health risk to you personally, not to mention your neighbors. It is a method which could take hours and we’re devoted to getting it done. We would like you to really have a dazzling pool again that you may love.


Frequently pool repairs could be overwhelming and expensive. With AZ Pool Kings the needed repairs can be made by us and have your pool back without all of the stress. Our experienced technicians will get you a reasonable approximation and also make repairs you’ll be able to trust.

Sand Changes

Sand changes for your pool filter may often be a chore that is dirty. Everything is handled by us with our excellent service and qualified technicians.

Pool Heaters

With the weather so wonderful in Arizona our customers prefer to use their pools and hot tubs all year round. Our trained AZ Pool Kings technicians can keep your heater operating in excellent shape and fix it if the demand arises. After all, nobody should have a chilly pool or hot tub here in the Arizona region.

Your Heating Pumps

Here in Arizona when the weather gets chilly many of us still prefer to use our pools. AZ Pool Kings can get that setup for you with a heating system pump which then transfers the heat to the water, and pulls the heat from the outdoor atmosphere, not to mention that it updates it with a compressor. Our skilled technicians will be able to assist you with getting the heat pump that is right for your Arizona pool.

Speed Pump Repair/Installation

Since the year 2012 all pumps must be variable pumps or 2 speed ones here in Arizona. This really is a significant part of your pool in the event you haven’t updated or if your pump has gone down.

Tile Cleaning

Arizona pools have lovely tile and keeping it clean is essential. We can help with this!

Salt Systems Maintenance

Salt systems are not the same as your normal pool. They need a particular type of focus to keep that healthy equilibrium.

Cool Lights

Lights are what make your pool a lovely retreat after dark. We here at AZ Pool Kings will be able to allow you to have your lights running all year so that you won’t ever be left in the dark.

… And a whole lot more!

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