All of the employees at AZ Pool Kings are responsible and extremely knowledgeable. They’ve been adaptive when we have had scheduling issues. We’re very pleased with the services of AZ Pool Kings.
Michael Richtor, Scottsdale AZ

I got a pool system that is very old. I truly value Scott’s knowledge and openness to talk about choices, not to mention his exceptional customer care.
Sarah Pratchet, Phoenix AZ

Our technician is always so happy and willing to describe everything that is going on with invoices and your pool service. Really productive and detailed recommendations.
Jayson Smith, Phoenix AZ

I’ve been really happy with the quality service and courteous way that AZ Pool Kings treats me and my family.
Richard Erikson, Phoenix AZ

AZ Pool Kings’ staff is friendly and extremely professional. Really affordable too.
Paulina Kerstin, Glendale, AZ

I’d be quite pleased to advocate using AZ Pool Kings to anybody. They rock!
Vicky Ilinca, Phoenix AZ

Scott is extremely considerate with my dogs’- I value this and know that it makes his job harder. Thanks Scott!
Julie Andrews, Scottsdale AZ

AZ Pool Kings have consistently done a great job with my pool.
Monika Joana, Phoenix AZ

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